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Through membership in a consortium of Christian colleges and universities, Columbia offers accredited courses in Biblical studies, Christian history, religious studies and ministry. The courses are taught by highly qualified and diverse Christian professors and ministry practitioners across North America. 

These educational experiences are delivered through a combination of textbooks, online forums and selected internet resources. Students interact with their professors as well as other registered students through email, bulletin board discusses, threaded discussions and written response papers. Typically examinations are completed online. Some courses require students to identify a proctor to receive and monitor an examination. Grades are filed by the professor with Columbia Bible College, where official transcripts are issued.

Students cannot obtain a full degree through online studies at Columbia. However, online courses will transfer into any of Columbia’s Diploma and Bachelor of Arts programs as well as other select colleges and universities. View the online studies course roster to see upcoming semesters and the course offerings. Standard tuition costs apply to all online and distance education students.

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NOTE: Each consortium school uses a unique grading grid and these grids may differ from Columbia’s. To ensure consistency, Columbia will record the letter grade rather than the percentage given in an online course. The reason for this practice is due to the fact that there is a certain universal understanding of letter grades (i.e. A = excellent, B= good, C = average, D = below average) whereas the meaning of percentages varies depending on which grading grid is used. Students should therefore familiarize themselves with the grading grid used by the school providing their online course and consider letter grades rather than percentages when accessing their performance.

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