Biblical Studies Student Stories


"I have loved being in the Biblical Studies program. I have learned so much about the Bible that I never knew before and I am continually growing in my faith. I have been challenged to really think about what I believe and why I believe it. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to take their faith to another level and go deeper into the Bible."


"I feel honoured to be a part of Columbia Bible College's Biblical Studies program, because it simply is the best program! The courses offered in this program have taught me a lot about God: who He is, how He relates to us and what His will for my life is. Getting these different revelations about God’s character and His will for me has helped me to know who I am and how I can love others as I love myself. The teachers in the Biblical Studies program do not only know God with their heads, but they know Him with their hearts, hence their lives prove it. Their teaching strategies have helped many students to understand the Bible and therefore develop better ways to share the Word with others on campus and outside CBC."


"My time at Columbia so far has been exciting, challenging and full of fun, adventure and new experiences! The positive effects of being in the Biblical Studies program are that my faith and relationship with Jesus have never been stronger and my knowledge base has grown leaps and bounds. The combination of these have left me with a bigger desire to lead and serve in my community and around the world!"


"I have loved every minute of being a part of the Biblical Studies program at Columbia! The faculty have been absolutely amazing, coming alongside me and letting me know that they truly want me to succeed. All of the staff take time to really invest in their students and I have enjoyed building relationships with them. The classes have challenged and enlightened me, and caused me to fall more in love with God and to understand more of what his plan is for the world and where I fit into it. Also, I am currently writing this from Jerusalem, and I would not be here if it weren't for CBC and the Biblical Studies program! The whole program will be a rewarding and life changing experience for anyone who is truly willing to learn!"


"The Biblical Studies Program at CBC is an excellent way to learn the foundational knowledge needed to share my love of Christ and God's word, the Holy Bible. There is a profound sense of comunity found at CBC that is unlike any other educational institution that I have ever been to. The staff and faculty work with students to ensure their growth in both knowlege and spirituality. What you learn at CBC is more than just acedemics. You also learn how to put your faith into action."


"My time at Columbia Bible College has been tremendous. It has instilled and developed my love for the Bible, as well as, inspire personal growth in faith and character. My experience at Columbia has prepared me for life-long learning, with a mindset on Christian mission."

Biblical Studies Grads


Biblical Studies BA

"My experience at Columbia Bible College prepared me very well for my seminary training. I will always be grateful for the enthusiastic guidance of several professors who fostered in me a deep passion for studying the Bible. My biblical knowledge vastly improved, and my critical thinking skills were sharpened to the high level that is necessary to be successful at a seminary. All of this greatly enhanced my theological understandings, and increased my awareness of what it means to be an Evangelical-Anabaptist. As well, living on campus four years allowed me to appreciate the community emphasis present at CBC to the fullest, and enabled me opportunities to grow and contribute as a leader. Choosing Columbia for my undergraduate degree was an excellent choice that provided me with the solid foundation I needed to pursue higher levels of education, particularly in the areas of ministry and biblical scholarship."


Biblical Studies BA

“My time at CBC was incredible. I can honestly say that they have been the best years of my life... I felt very equpped to step into a higher academic level with regards to issues at hand. The various faculty members at CBC exposed me to the serious realities of biblical study. I was pushed and encouraged to move beyond ignorance, yet to still maintain the core of belief that makes me a Christian. I was taught to try to understand the Bible, as well as life itself, the way that God wants me to understand it. This, along with the rigorous academic work, has made the jump to graduate work a very manageable challenge."


Biblical Studies Diploma

“I really enjoyed getting to know the Bible in a more in depth way, through this program. The Biblical studies program has changed me, and impacted my life because I understand a lot more about the Bible now, than I did before I came to CBC. As for the future, I do not know yet what God has planned for me, I know that whatever I do, I will have Biblical knowledge to share with others."

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