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Pursue your passion for sport.


A New Option for Student Athletes

Columbia's Sport Life stream allows you to maximize your growth as a college-level athlete, a Christ-centered leader, and a Christian. This unique program combines the Columbia One certificate with three specialized courses that will help you live out your calling as a Christian in the world of sport. Not only that, its extended course schedule makes it possible for you to achieve your best on the court and in the classroom. Add in Columbia's intentional mentoring community and opportunities for leadership and spiritual growth, and you'll find yourself growing in every part of who you are.






Develop Your Potential as an Athlete & Disciple


Play Varsity Level Sports

Maximum Bearcat Time

Grow as a player.

Compete at the college level in either basketball or volleyball within the PacWest league. Because Columbia is a small college, no player rides the bench. You'll gain plenty of valuable game-time experience and benefit from the focused attention of your coaches, allowing you to grow in your confidence and skills as a college-level athlete.


Connect Your Faith to Sport

Faith Connected to Sport

Be equipped as a Christ-centered leader.

The Sport Life stream of the Columbia One certificate program allows you to take three courses especially designed for student athletes. HKIN 112 Coaching Fundamentals will equip you with core coaching concepts and skills, tied to your Christian faith. IDIS 125 Integrating Faith & Sport will teach you to live out your faith through sport and play. In LDRS 232 Leadership & Team-Building, you'll engage in experiential learning that helps you bring out the best in any team.


Flexible Courseload Options

Flexible Course Pacing

Give your best on the court and in the classroom.

Participating in college-level sports is demanding. Practices, games, mentorship, and service projects will keep you busy. The Sport Life stream allows you to dedicate yourself to both athletics and academics by giving you flexibility in pacing your courseload. Students in the one-year option will take 12.5 credits in each of the Fall & Winter semesters, and then complete two modular courses (6 credits) in Spring. The extended two-year option allows you to take 9.5 credits per semester. See the Program Course Checklist for full info.

You Need a Strong Core



Start Well Finish Well

Start Well To Finish Well

At Columbia Bible College, we believe that what matters most is equipping you for a lifetime of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to your community. This is why all Columbia students complete the same core courses - all chosen to provide you with a steady foundation for your future.

Dig Into Your Faith


  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Intro to Christian Theology
  • RELS Elective (100-level)

Develop Your Spiritual Fitness


  • Spiritual Formation
  • The Church in Mission

Grow Your People Skills


  • Effective Relationships
  • Service Practicum I & II
Relationship Building







Meet Jennifer


Meet Jennifer M

Women's Basketball

“I knew that God had called me to CBC. It is evident in the deep friendships I have made and the ways God has been stretching me in this new environment away from home. Meeting people who love Jesus and active ministry through sport has sparked something in my heart to see the nations come to know Christ. I feel support not only from my friends, but from faculty. There are so many opportunities to have deep conversations with people and be mentored by teachers, other staff and older students. With CBC being a small school, it feels intentional and safe. Through taking biblical classes, I have learned more about God and more about myself and my identity in Him. Our school also hosts many social events and worship gatherings in the chapel where we can worship and walk together in fellowship.”



Meet Graham


Meet Graham

Men's Volleyball

“CBC has allowed me to combine all of my passions into my life as a student/athlete/leader/musician. There are so many options here to do what you love to do and serve God through your gifts. Classes have taught me just how much I didn't know about the Bible and sparked an interest in me for biblical studies. Each of my classes has a uniquely practical aspect that connects my learning to my faith and life. Living on campus gave me an instant community with 200 others: there is always a time that I can find something to do with the people around me. Investing in the community and culture on campus has allowed me to grow in my faith, maturity and understanding of what it means to live life as follower of Jesus. Overall, my two years at CBC have been incredible and I have been impacted so much by the people around me and the numerous available possibilities.”


Sport Life - Academic Info

Sport Life is a specialized stream within the Columbia One certificate program. Along with your three Sport Life classes, you will complete the same core courses as other first-year students at Columbia, and graduate with a Certificate in Christian Studies (31 credits).

Two-Year Sport Life Option: Some student athletes may wish to take advantage of the two-year Sport Life schedule, allowing you to gain two years of varsity experience and complete a coaching practicum, all with a lighter course load. In order to maintain your full-time student status, you will complete four additional courses: BUSI 221 Essentials of Marketing, LDRS 251 Leadership & Culture, a RELS elective (200-level), and a leadership elective (200-level).

Sport Life graduates are able to transfer easily into most diploma and degree programs at Columbia. Options include the:

Other graduates go on to pursue more education at various universities and colleges. Check out Columbia's transfer guides for more information on transferring to post-secondary institutions after Columbia.


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