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Columbia Bible College offers a selection of online courses so you can keep learning even when you’re juggling other life commitments.  You might be a busy parent, a full-time employee, or living on the other side of the country.  No matter what time zone or life stage you’re in, online courses fit into your schedule.

Online course are a great way to augment your current or previous studies.  They also give you the chance to explore a subject as you decide whether further education's right for you.  All our online courses earn you academic credits with the potential for transfer into our many degree and diploma programs.


Current Online Course Offerings

Bible & Theology

ON-RELS 211 Biblical Hermeneutics

This course is a study of the process that led to the creation of the English Bible and its authority, a survey of the principles and practice of independent Bible study, including an emphasis on the grammatical historical approach to biblical interpretation. The student will study methods of application leading to the development of theme, proposition and finally the lesson itself.

ON-RELS 247 Romans

This course is an exegetical and historical study of Paul's Epistle to the Romans with exposition and application of the book's leading themes.

ON-RELS 262 Apologetics

Please note that Apologetics is not offered every semester.  Please contact the Academics office for availability.

This course explores the field of Christian apologetics and develops a basic level of proficiency in its application. Historical, philosophical and cultural perspectives will be employed to respond to positions that refute Christian beliefs. Students develop and practice critical thinking skills and grow in their ability to express logically valid arguments both orally and in writing.

ON-ICST 301 Theology of Mission

This course will take you on a journey from the beginning of time to the very present and beyond. This study is a part of a relatively new discipline that is sometimes called "missiology." It is an application of the Word of God as it relates to the purposes, nature, scope and current challenges of cross-cultural missions.

General Studies

ON-ANTH 201 Cultural Anthropology

This course introduces you to the principles and practice of cultural anthropology. After class exploration of various methods and concepts, you will explore those insights practically in actual cross-cultural experiences.

ON-ENGL 099 Writing for College

This course provides the necessary English prerequisites needed for entry-level college writing and comprehension. This course reviews the basic skills of English grammar and mechanics, reading comprehension, academic writing, and academic research necessary for success in college or university courses.

ON-LDRS103 Biblical Concepts of Leadership

A study of the concepts of leadership in the context of Scripture and application of these concepts to personal, professional and career goals. The course will include the use of a survey to assess each individual's leadership capabilities to help him/her to understand his/her personal profile.


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casual studies

Get in the classroom and pursue your interests.

Google and Wikipedia can't teach you everything. There are times when the best way to really grapple with a subject is to get into the classroom. You'll experience fascinating lectures from qualified professors, stimulating discussions with your peers, and interesting assignments that give you the chance to clarify your thinking.

Enrol as a casual student to take advantage of up to nine credit hours of instruction at Columbia Bible College. After you've earned nine credits, you'll be asked to enrol in one of our excellent certificate, diploma, or degree programs.

Love the idea of lectures and class discussions but not sure you want to complete the assignments and exams? Many of our courses are open to audit students as well.


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