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Biblical Studies

Program Overview

Explore the most important book ever written.


Who is God? What do words like gospel, salvation, and redemption really mean? How does the Bible speak into the tough issues facing our world?

As a Biblical Studies student, you’ll spend focused time investigating the Scriptures. You’ll approach God’s Word from a variety of angles. You’ll step back and appreciate the Great Story of Scripture – how God is at work in His Creation. You’ll zoom back in and learn to examine individual passages, mastering interpretive tools and growing your knowledge of biblical languages, history, and culture. As you begin to learn skills for connecting God’s timeless message to your own life and community, you’ll build a deep foundation for your future – no matter where God is calling you.

Your academic journey will benefit from qualified instructors who will lead you into dynamic class discussions about the issues facing our world and who will gladly spend on-on-one time with you as you grapple with questions that come up. In addition to your studies you will have opportunity through internships and service learning to gain hands-on experience in a variety of ministry contexts and begin putting your theoretical knowledge of the Bible into practice. Degree students will also have the option to travel to Israel to study scripture at Jerusalem University College.


Martijn V Alum

Meet Martijn V

BA Biblical Studies 2018
Pursuing MA in Theological Studies,
Regent College

"CBC has made it easy to go into graduate studies. It has a high standard for classes, caring professors who push students to improve in their academic and theological skills, and a desire to mature students academically and spiritually while also transforming their character. I learned to engage deeply with God's Word, apply it to my life, see issues from multiple perspectives, and do this in order to grow closer to God and participate in his mission. CBC has provided a firm foundation to my graduate studies, allowing me to contribute to theological discussions as I continue to develop in these areas."

Jonathan S - Alum

Meet Jonathan S.

BA Biblical Studies 2018
Youth Pastor, Bakerview Church

"My Biblical Studies degree from Columbia has been integral for preparing me for full-time ministry here in Abbotsford. My courses gave me practical knowledge that equipped me for doing church ministry throughout my degree and for years to come. I also gained a strong passion for theology throughout my time at Columbia, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of how studying the Bible connects with how we live out our faith within the communities we are a part of. I loved being able to see how what I was learning in the classroom had a tangible effect in how I did ministry and connected with others."

Jonathan G Alum

Meet Jonathan G.

BA Biblical Studies 2014
Associate Pastor of Worship, Northview Community Church

"One of the greatest benefits to taking the Biblical Studies program was learning to read and understand the Bible more effectively. Because of my studies at CBC I feel I have a better grasp on the cultural, literary and historical contexts of the scriptures, how the Bible applies to us as the church today, and why it matters! Plus, the professors are deeply caring for their students and very passionate about the scriptures and theology. "

Diploma in Biblical Studies

The two year diploma program in Biblical Studies is ideal for students who want to pursue a solid foundation prior to embarking on a career path in the public arena. Students in this program receive the same quality of classes and training as those in the first two years of the BA program. Students will become familiar with both the Old and New Testaments and how to read and understand the Bible. They will also take courses that challenge and foster growth in their spiritual lives. This program also involves practical volunteer opportunities each week throughout the two years of study. Graduates have gone on to pursue a degree in Biblical Studies at Columbia or have continued their training at public universities and colleges and are now representing Jesus in a wide variety of careers.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Biblical Studies is designed to prepare students for a career in vocational ministry. Graduates from this program often continue on to graduate programs at Christian Universities and Seminaries. Columbia graduates have gone on to lead successful ministries as pastors, biblical language translators, church planters, camp directors and other ministry oriented careers.

Biblical Studies Minors

Biblical Studies degree students will be required to select a minor that fit their abilities and interests in their third year of study. A student's minor will be reflected in their internship and will help focus their education in a field that they are called to. Learn more about potential minors.

Online Certficate in Christian Studies

Interested in studying the Bible in an online setting? Columbia now offers a 30-credit certificate that includes introductory biblical studies courses and theology courses. Online courses include access to Zondervan textbooks, video lectures, and personal coaching and feedback from a Columbia instructor. Learn more about the Online Certificate >>


Bible Teaching
Counselling & Human Services
Church Ministry
Intercultural Studies
Applied Leadership
Ministry to Children
Practical Ministry
Social Entrepreneurship
Worship Arts
Youth Work


Practical, hands-on experience is an integral part of education. That's why Columbia requires all degree students to complete an internship in their third or fourth year. Biblical Studies internships are typically selected based on the area of a student's minor. Internships can take place in a variety of contexts including churches, overseas non-profit organizations, Christian high schools, summer camps, etc. The internship program is designed to provide a rich learning experience with practical skill development. For more information about Columbia's internship program, including application forms and placement options, visit Service Learning.

Study in Israel

Jerusalem University College



Imagine studying the land that served as the backdrop for Jesus and his life and ministry - not to mention the land of much of the Old Testament story. Columbia Bible College is the only college in British Columbia (and only one of three in Canada) that is an Associated School for Jerusalem University College (JUC). As an Associated School, Columbia students have the privilege of participating in JUC’s three week Historical and Geographical Settings course which involves travelling throughout Israel studying and experiencing Israel’s geography, history, and archaeology. Columbia students join other students from around the world for this course for an unforgettable learning experience while earning credit toward their programs.

Study in Israel FAQ

Is the Israel Study Trip an academic course?

Yes! It’s a course arranged and taught by Jerusalem University College. If you enroll, you’ll have some pre-assignments to do (mainly involving maps). You’ll write exams on the lectures and field studies, and receive a grade at the end of your time in Israel. There are no assignments to finish up once you are back in Canada.

Will I receive academic credit for this course at Columbia?

Students who complete the trip with a passing grade will receive 4 credits for RELS 380 Physical Settings of the Bible.

Who else will be on this trip?

Along with fellow Columbia students and a Columbia faculty member, you will join with other students from Christian colleges and seminaries in Canada, the US, and other countries. The language of instruction is English, and you’ll be hosted by a great team of Jerusalem University College staff and faculty.

Do I need to be a Biblical Studies student to go on the trip?

All Columbia students who have completed one year at Columbia with a GPA of 2.0 are eligible to go.

When is the next trip?

This course is offered through Columbia every second Spring. The next trip will be May 17 - June 6, 2021.

How much does the trip cost?

Total cost for the trip, including airfare, tuition, accommodations, food, and transportation is approximately $6500. Please note that this amount fluctuates with the Canadian dollar, since fees are paid to JUC in US dollars.
(Note that students do not need to pay any additional tuition fees to Columbia to receive credit for RELS 380.)

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Jerusalem
Day 2: Morning Orientation & Course Introduction
Day 2: Afternoon Old City Walk
Day 3: Morning Jerusalem Walk (Old Testament Sights)
Day 3: Afternoon Geography/Archaeology/History Introduction
Day 4: Morning Jerusalem Walk (New Testament Sights)
Day 4: Afternoon Geography/Archaeology/History Introduction
Day 5 Benjamin Field Study
Day 6 Jerusalem Approaches Field Study
Day 7 Free Day
Day 8: Morning Exam, Preview of Week's Field Study Trips
Day 8: Afternoon Free Time
Day 9 Judah, Shephelah, Philistia Field Study
Day 10 Biblical Negev Field Study
Day 11 Dead Sea Field Study
Day 11 Samaria
Day 12: Morning Exam, Preview of Galilee
Day 12: Afternoon Free Time
Day 13 Free Day
Day 14 Galilee Field Study
Day 15 Galilee Field Study
Day 16 Galilee Field Study
Day 17 Galilee Field Study
Day 18: Morning Free Time
Day 18: Afternoon Exam, Departure Meeting, Certificate Ceremony
Day 19 Free Day (non-Jordan participants)
Day 19 Jordan Field Study - Gilead (Jordan participants)
Day 20 Departure day (non-Jordan participants)
Day 20 Jordan Field Study - Petra & Edom
Day 21 Jordan Field Study - Ammon, Moab, and the Medeba Plateau
Day 22 Depature Day (Jordan Participants)


Steve Kim

Steve Kim, BA 2009
Associate, Apologetics Canada


“The three weeks I spent in Israel as part of the Biblical Studies program are something I will never forget. To walk the land our Lord walked, and to see the physical settings in which the biblical narrative unfolds, brought into focus the reality of God. To borrow the words of a renowned resurrection historian, we are sucking air in the same world in which God raised Jesus from the dead. How marvellous the thought!"

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