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How do you live your best possible life?

It's not a question you should skip. God put you together just so - your personality, your talents, your passions. And there's nothing more worthwhile than taking a year to explore what it will mean for you to live an amazing, Christ-centered life. 

Columbia One is a chance for you to explore your calling within a fun, caring community. You'll tackle a series of foundational courses designed to give you a solid grasp on your Christian faith.  You'll study the Old and New Testaments, discover Christian theology, engage in spiritual formation, and learn the habits of following and serving Jesus.

Columbia One gives you the freedom to pursue your interests. With nine credits of elective room, plus one bible elective, you have options! (See what courses are typically offered in the Fall and Winter semesters.)



The Columbia One Core


All Columbia One students complete the same series of core courses. This 22-credit package of courses has been carefully put together with you in mind.  What do you need to learn so you can live a no-regrets life that is Christ-centered, kingdom-focused, and world-impacting?


"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. Love your neighbour as yourself."




Heart & Soul

Spiritual Formation

The Church in Mission

Mind & Worldview

Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

Intro to Christian Theology

Strength & Skills

Effective Relationships or  Marriage & Family

Service Practicum I & II


With Columbia One, you have the flexibility and freedom to explore your unique interests. You have room in your program for four electives: one bible/theology elective and three free electives (meaning you choose any course that's open as long as you have the prerequisites!)

Because Columbia One doesn't require weekend trips, you also have the opportunity to get involved in a long list of extracurricular programs and activities.

This means you can tailor your Columbia One program to focus on what you're most curious or passionate about.

Here are different ways you can customize your year in Columbia One:



University Prep


Already know you're heading to university after Columbia? Choose electives that will expose you to key academic subjects, and that have the potential to transfer to another higher ed institution.

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Ministry & Leadership Skills

Ministry & Leadership Skills

Are you action-oriented? Want to dive in and practice new skills you can apply in a church or ministry setting?

Down Arrow You may want to... 

  • Take courses like Youth Work Essentials, Introduction to Leading Worship, or Sound & Media

  • Audition for the Travelling Ministry Team or the Chapel & Vespers Worship Teams

  • Join a StuCo team like the Missional Living Committee or Spiritual Life Committee

More Biblical Studies

More Biblical Studies

Want to make the most of your opportunity to dig deep into the Scriptures? Focus your electives on exploring your questions and deepening your understanding of the Bible.

Down Arrow You may want to take courses like... 

  • Genesis
  • Psalms
  • Gospel of Mark
  • Book of Acts
  • 1 Corinthians
  • Intro to Apologetics



Educational Assistant

Educational Assistant Training

Interested in gaining job-ready skills supporting children and youth with special needs? You can use your electives to complete the EA Certificate program.

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Ryan with TMT

Meet Ryan

(In plaid shirt)
Hometown: Summerland, BC

"My life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to, so I decided to come to Columbia. It’s amazing to be at a college that upholds Christian values. It’s small enough where everyone can be together, to encourage each other. People want to get to know you on a deep level – not just go out and party with you. It’s unique.

I didn’t know if I wanted to commit to a longer program, so I decided to do Columbia One. The flexibility is great – it can transition into all the other programs at Columbia. Taking Columbia One has allowed me to see what the college has to offer, and also participate as a musician on the Travelling Ministry Team, which is great."

Meet Denisa

Meet Denisa

Hometown: Prince George, BC

“Columbia One was the best one-year option for me. I’ve loved it. I’ve learned so much! I really enjoyed my Acts class, and I also loved OT Survey. Intro to Christian Theology challenged me in different ways and that was really cool. My favourite class so far is Prison Epistles.

That’s what I really wanted to do with my year here – take a lot of Bible classes. I’ve never experienced Christian education before because I went to public school my whole life. I wanted to grow in my faith, learn about the Bible, and be in a different environment.”


Meet Jesse

Meet Jesse

(Former Student)
Hometown:Kelowna, BC

"More than anything my time at Columbia taught me how to intently study scripture and the importance of that. A main highlight for me in Columbia One was the opportunity to receive one-on-one teaching and mentoring from various professors. Two of my favourite courses were Old Testament Survey and 1st Corinthians. I also loved being able to be apart of the basketball team during my year at Columbia.

Since my time at Columbia, I have been hired at Willow Park Church full time as a Youth Pastor! This involves weekly youth programs, multiple mission trips, hosting youth conferences, running summer camps and so much more!"

Certificate in Christian Studies

Columbia One students enroll in the same core requirements as all first year students. In addition to these core program requirements, Columbia One students have the flexibility to choose electives from various disciplines and tailor the program to fit their desired educational outcomes.

Columbia One students earn a Certificate in Christian Studies (31 credits). Graduates are able to transfer easily into most diploma and degree programs at Columbia. Options include the:

Other graduates go on to pursue more education at various universities and colleges. Check out Columbia's transfer guides for more information on transferring to post-secondary institutions after Columbia.

Program Director


Matt Kaminski

Matt Kaminski

Columbia One Director
  Email Matt
Matt Kaminski has an MSc in Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. His passion is to integrate faith and leadership, specifically in the team context, and to help others learn how to do so as well through teaching and experiential education. When he’s not in the classroom, Matt can be found fishing, wood working, and exploring the great outdoors with his wife Sarah Jane and three kids.


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