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Prepare for a rewarding calling that is relational and rooted in helping others.


Those working in the field of counselling are engaged in relational encounters; joining with people in need to participate in God’s ongoing redemptive and transformative work. It is with this perspective on helping that Columbia has developed a program for those who feel called to help others.

Columbia’s Counselling program equips students with knowledge and skills foundational to helping others. A unique set of academic courses and practical learning opportunities help students integrate Bible, theology, psychology, counselling skills, and practical ministry courses within a Christian view of persons. (See Program Course Checklist for details.)

Knowledge-based classroom learning is complemented by experiential learning opportunities. By engaging in service and internship experiences students apply knowledge, develop skills, and express values foundational to helping professions and ministry roles.


Watch Sierra's Story

Meet Donnel

BA Counselling 2021

"The greatest growth I have experienced is in the fact that I now have a very solid sense of purpose, and I no longer live in the mindset of having to solve every program by myself. This capacity to accept help and guidance has allowed me to experience a greater sense of connection in my relationships, and to be more vulnerable." 


David M Alum

Meet David

BA Caregiving & Counselling 2001
Counsellor, Langley Christian School & private practice

"What I appreciated most about the Counselling and Caregiving program at CBC was the incredible professors. They were sincere and intentional and always had their doors open – even after graduation. It has been invaluable to know that there is support and guidance available well beyond the walls of the classroom. In retrospect I can honestly say that the teaching in combination with the relationships allowed for a personalized application of the material that I deeply appreciated."

Steve E Alum

Meet Steve

BA Caregiving & Counselling 2011
Manager/Counsellor for Addictions Programs

"The Caregiving and Counselling program at Columbia provided foundational psychology courses, an environment to explore new concepts to further challenge the field of counselling, as well as staff that walked alongside in support. It started the process of exploring the power of relationships, which is crucial for growth professionally as well as personally."

Bachelor of Arts in Practical Theology, Major in Counselling

A degree in Counselling at Columbia incorporates a unique mix of biblical studies, theology, and psychology to offer insight into the human condition. The program incorporates the best of these disciplines and offers students a solid foundation for integrating their Christian faith with current psychological research.

This program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for caring for people as they experience the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and relational challenges of life. Students develop an integrated approach to helping people, one that is built upon a biblical worldview and informed by the social sciences. Students also have opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in practical ways.

Columbia's Counselling degree provides a solid foundation for a variety of roles focused on helping and caring for individuals of all ages within a range of church, para-church, and community settings. This program prepares students for additional education in the helping profession, in particular Masters-level work in Counselling Psychology or Marriage & Family Therapy.

Diploma Option - General Studies

Students with a strong interest in psychology and counselling who prefer a two-year diploma option should consider the Diploma in General Studies. This flexible diploma includes course courses in Bible, theology, and the humanities, while leaving room for five electives. Students are welcome to focus all their electives on studying psychology and basic counselling skills, laying a foundation for further studies in the field.

Minors for Counselling Students

Each degree student at Columbia has the option to select a minor in a variety of fields. Typically, minors are chosen in a student's third year of study and will inform they type of internship placement they choose. Learn more about available minors.


Biblical Studies
Social Entrepreneurship
Church Ministry
Intercultural Studies
Ministry to Children
Practical Ministry
Worship Arts
Youth Work


Students enrolled in the Counselling degree program will complete an internship. Internships involve experiential learning and are intended to foster skill development. They complement the program’s course work and constitute a critical component of the Counselling degree.

Internships provide students with the opportunity to personalize their learning according to their specific interests and offer a flexible way for them to forward their career objectives. Counselling internships encompass diverse learning experiences involving a range of helping roles, including Community Support Worker, Peer Counsellor, Youth Sponsor, Intake Worker, Mentor, Mediator and others.

For more information about Columbia's internship program, including application forms and placement options, visit Service Learning.

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