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Explore the world of knowledge. Investigate life's biggest questions. Grow in every dimension.


With a whole world of knowledge to discover, it is not always easy to know where to begin. What truly interests you? What could you be great at? Which path should you pursue?

In the Diploma of General Studies, you’ll have the opportunity not only to deepen your Christian faith as you study the Bible, but also to explore a fascinating mix of academic disciplines. History, psychology, literature, the arts, geography, business – you’ll enjoy the chance to see the world from different angles and find out where your passions lie.

As a General Studies student, you will learn and grow on every level. You’ll gain core academic skills: how to research, think analytically and creatively, and communicate clearly about a range of subjects. You will also grow spiritually and personally as you join our welcoming, Christ-centered community. Participating in service practicums and missions experiences will develop your practical skills and your confidence.


Meet Aly

Meet Aly

"I enrolled in the General Studies Diploma so I can I find out what I am truly passionate about, and what path I should pursue. General Studies was also the perfect program for me to focus on my studies while also playing varsity athletics here at Columbia. The program has allowed me to explore a variety of options and has opened my mind to different outlooks of the world and the wonder of God’s creation. I knew Columbia would be the perfect place for me to grow as an student, as an athlete, and as an individual."


Meet Corina

Meet Corina

"What drew me to Columbia was the option of the General Studies diploma. I was unsure about what I wanted to do. This gave me a bouncing off point — if I decide I want to continue with university, this gives me transfer potential. And I really like the idea of learning in a biblical environment, while keeping my options open.

The classes have helped me become more spiritually sound, finding out who I am in my faith, rather than just going by what others have taught me. It’s really exciting to see what I’m learning and what God has placed in the classes for me and how that relates to my life."


Meet Graham

"The ability to get a Christian education and foundation here at Columbia was really attractive. I was drawn to the diversity the General Studies diploma brings — and the fact that I could transfer to UFV afterward. I’m looking to become a high school teacher, and this was the best way to transition into that.

I’ve enjoyed the diversity of my courses. I’ve been really impressed by my General Studies classes so far: Intro to Psychology, Intro to English Literature, intro to Business — all taught from a Christian perspective. It’s a good, really interesting balance."



Diploma in General Studies

To graduate with this Diploma, you will complete two years of study with two main areas of focus: developing a faith foundation, and exploring your interests. You will dive into your Christian faith, investigating the Scriptures, Christian theology, history, and mission. You will choose from a series of classes designed to give you a broad introduction to a variety of subjects, tailoring your diploma to fit your interests and to prepare you for your next steps.

At 62 credits, the Diploma in General Studies can be completed in two years if you are willing to work hard and plan your courses carefully. If you prefer to have a significant part-time job or have other commitments, you are also welcome to finish your diploma at a slower pace.



UFV Track

Maximum UFV Transferability

The Diploma in General Studies has been designed in collaboration with University of the Fraser Valley, a public university with campuses in Abbotsford, Mission, and Chilliwack.

Our signed agreement with UFV means that graduates of Columbia’s two-year Diploma in General Studies qualify to transfer 59 credits (just under two full years of study) into UFV’s Bachelor of Integrated Studies program. The completion of Years 3 and 4 at UFV leads to a versatile university degree that opens many educational and career doors.

Course transferability to other colleges or universities should be verified with each school.

What can you do with general studies?

BIS Degree

Most Diploma in General Studies graduates will go on to pursue further post-secondary education, typically the Bachelor of General Studies or Bachelor of Integrated Studies.

Pursue a Career

General Studies grads are well-rounded thinkers and communicators who can pursue careers in areas such as administration, civil services, law enforcement, community services, project management, or marketing.

Become a Teacher

If you take advantage of our UFV transfer agreement and plan your third- and fourth-year studies carefully, you will be eligible to apply for UFV’s Teacher Education program after you graduate with your BIS degree.  You can then train as either an elementary/middle school teacher or a secondary teacher in English or Social Studies

Graduate Studies

A Bachelor of Integrated Studies also opens doors for many post-graduate programs. Explore a few university websites and you’ll see the possibilities – everything from a Master of Social Work to medical school to law school to an MA in English Literature.

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