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You’re a down-to-earth dreamer. You want to change the world for the better - through business, through a local organization, or through your church. When you look around, you see people making a difference not just with compassionate work, but also with creative business ideas, solid financial plans, and compelling marketing tools.

The Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship introduces you to the basics of running initiatives that are focused on positive world change. You’ll take worldview-shaping biblical studies courses alongside hands-on business courses. But more than that, you’ll be inspired and equipped to tap into the incredible potential of business for making a caring impact in our world. You’ll graduate not just with foundational business skills, but also with a deep appreciation for the triple bottom line: business or non-profit work that’s financially viable, environmentally sustainable, and cares for others.


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Columbia Core

First Things First 

Character, faith, integrity, how you see the world and what you value most -- these will be the foundation of your future. This is why you'll engage in a set of transformational classes that includes subjects like Old and New Testament Survey, Christian Theology, Spiritual Formation, and Ethical Reasoning. Outside of class, you'll benefit from encouraging mentors and Christ-centered community.

Concepts & Skills Developed

Develop Business Skills

Every class you take will combine current business theories with a Christ-centered approach. You'll be equipped with foundational skills through these courses:

    • Intro to Business
    • Macroeconomics
    • Accounting
    • Essentials of Marketing
    • Non-profit Organization Management
    • Intro to Leadership Studies


Create A Business Plan

Create A Business Plan

Your capstone class will take place in your final semester: Entrepreneurial Operations. First you'll learn to think like an entrepreneur as you tackle case studies, computer simulations, and team assignments. Then you'll use all the tools you've been given to build your own game-changing business plan and present it to a panel of real-world business owners and experts for feedback. 


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Meet Rachael

Meet Rachael

  • Completed Business, Accounting, Non-Profit Management
  • Currently finishing her BBA at UFV
  • Goal: To be a light in the business world

"I really enjoyed the classes! Through the textbook, lectures, field trips and the computer simulations, I can confidently say that I now have a foundation in business. I recently started working as a receptionist at a car dealership. When they ask me to do journal entries or use business terms, I know what they are talking about and can complete the task. Also, since I had taken basic business classes I had the opportunity to help out on projects and learn even more. Students always ask themselves 'when am I ever going to use this in the real world?' and I can confidently say that you will use what you learn in these classes. "


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Luke alum

Meet Luke

  • Completed Intro to Business
  • Currently an Apprentice Carpenter
  • Goal: Own and operate a business

"My experience in Intro to Business was eye-opening and really fun. The course challenged my views of the business world and its potential for the good of others. The most valuable part was the lens I came away with. I am much better equipped to see the potential for success in my ideas as well as the situations I am a part of. The quality of teaching was absolutely superb. Kurtis has an amazing ability to energize his students and open their minds to the business world and all the opportunities that come with it. I highly recommend him as an instructor."


Meet Haley

  • Completed Intro to Accounting
  • Currently pursuing further university studies
  • Goal: Use her gifts in business for God's glory

"Intro to Accounting opened a potential new ‘career door’ for me. Intro to Accounting was my favourite course last semester! First, it was a very small course in terms of people - often in colleges or universities, the classroom size is huge, which allows for very little time with your professor. I never found that to be the case at Columbia. Second, it was a very hands-on course. We were encouraged to do a lot of extra coursework, not because we were getting graded on it but because it would help us to understand better what we were learning. Third, Kurtis was an amazing professor. The quality of education I received in that class was amazing. Not only was he very knowledgable in the subject, he somehow made it fun?? I know, crazy."

Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

The two-year diploma program in Social Entrepreneurship provides students with a Christ-centered worldview, spiritual formation, and foundational business concepts and skills that they can apply in the marketplaces of life. Students wishing to pursue a degree in business after graduation from this diploma may be able to transfer credits to other institutions. (See current transfer guides for details or contact your school of interest.)


Minor in Social Entrepreneurship

Students can choose to enhance any Columbia BA program with a Minor in Social Entrepreneurship, which includes 18 credits of foundational business courses. Click here to see included classes.

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This program does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.