Service Practicum

Followers of Jesus know that service is a way of life; why should college be any different?


Service Practicum is a unique opportunity that allows students to take what they have learned in class and apply it to the community in which they live. Over the course of their first two years at Columbia, students will participate in a minimum of 115 hours of supervised volunteer experience. At the beginning of the academic year students will attend the Service Fair, which provides opportunity to connect with various organizations in the community. This program encourages students to get involved in their community as they gain hands-on experience in their field of interest.


Service Practicum placements can cover a number of different areas whether in traditional ministry or not. Students who already volunteer their time with an organization may be eligible to continue this work as their Service Practicum. Students who wish to use an existing volunteer position must be sure the place meets the Service Practicum placement requirements as outlined in the handbook. If you have any questions regarding placements please contact the Integrated Learning Associate.

PRIOR LIFE EXPERIENCE: While Columbia wishes that all students will participate in the Service Practicum program, we realize that a small number of people come to Columbia as mature students with significant ministry/service experience. In some cases students may apply for an exemption of Service Practicum based on prior life experience. Please contact the Integrated Learning Associate for more information on how to apply. 

Information for Students

Service Practicum Handbook

All Service Practicum students can access a digital copy of the Service Practicum handbook on Microsoft Teams. The handbook outlines the steps to get started with Service Practicum. Reference hardcopies are available outside the Integrated Learning offices and in the library.

Placement Registration Forms

All service practicum placements must be registered with and approved by the Service Learning department to be considered valid. Register your placement >>


Information for Placement Supervisors

We welcome all placement supervisors and organizations to be involved with this unique learning experience. If you have further questions please contact the Integrated Learning Associate.


Placement Supervisor Manual (PDF)
This manual explains what is expected of both the student and the Supervisor in Service Practicum and contains information around Risk Management. All supervisors should be familiar with its contents.

Supervisor Forms

Supervisor Agreement Form
A form outlining the agreed upon service and mentorship commitment must be completed by the placement supervisor at the beginning of the Fall or Summer semester for each practicum student. As students are expected to remain in the same placement from September through to April, in the Winter semester, Supervisor Agreement forms are typically only necessary for students starting Service Practicum mid-year or who are changing placements due to course conflicts.

Supervisor Evaluation Forms
This form must be completed by the placement supervisor at the end of every semester for each practicum student. Note: 35% of the student’s final grade is gained directly from the Supervisor’s Evaluation. Timely submission is imperative.

Service Fair

The Service Fair is an annual event in early September where local organizations and churches can share the various volunteer opportunities that they have to offer with new students seeking a practicum placement. All first year students are required to attend the fair to view the various opportunities available in the community. If you and your organization are interested in being a part of the fair, please complete the Service Fair Application. Please note there are limited spaces available on a first come, first serve basis.

Service Fair Application »


Each student enrolled in a four-year degree program will fulfill an internship requirement of 420 hours of supervised experience directly related to their program of study. Similar to Service Practicum, internships give students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field. The Integrated Learning department works alongside students to ensure they find a placement that gives them opportunity to grow their gifting, develop skill sets and live out their passion as they positively impact the lives of those they interact with.

The Integrated Learning department oversees the following program internships:

  • Applied Leadership
  • Biblical Studies
  • Counselling
  • Worship Arts
  • Youth Work (4-credit option)

Please note that Intercultural Studies and the third-year Youth Work internships are supervised by the respective departments directly.

Before a student can begin their internship, they are required to have completed the following:

  • 60 credit hours
  • Service Practicum I, II, III, and IV
  • LDRS 201 Intro to Leadership Studies or equivalent (can coincide with the start of internship)


The following placements have been submitted by organizations interested in working with an intern. It is the student's responsibility to contact the organization directly to determine availability and fit. For more information please contact the Director of Service Learning.

Information for Students

Internship Learning Contract | PDF
Interns and supervisors must complete this form before beginning the internship assignment.

Intern Progress Reports
Intern progress reports 1-5 must be completed during the internship.

Intern Comprehensive Evaluation
Interns must complete this evaluation at the end of their internship.

Course Information
Internship Overview
Internship Manual
Internship Syllabus - Current Semester
Internship Syllabus - Upcoming Semester

Information for Supervisors

Internship Placement Posting Application
To be completed by any organization wishing to have a Columbia student as an intern.

Supervisor Progress Reports
Supervisor progress reports 1-3 must be completed during the internship.

Supervisor Comprehensive Evaluation
Supervisors must complete this evaluation at the end of their internship.

Course Information
Internship Overview
Supervisor Manual
Internship Syllabus - Current Semester
Internship Syllabus - Upcoming Semester


Urban Connections (UC) is a four day urban plunge into the heart of the city of Vancouver designed to expose students to the joys and challenges of urban ministry and focus on growing a heart for the city. Vancouver offers many diverse experiences and cultures. During UC students spend an afternoon or evening exploring the downtown core where they interact and discover the diversity between neighborhoods and ethnicities, livelihoods and ministry. Students are encouraged to take this time and prayerfully seek God's heart for the beauty and diversity found in the city.

All first year students participate in UC which is part of the Church in Mission course. Students engage in a number of activities over their four days including service projects at various mission and non-profit organizations, specifically serving the downtown eastside of Vancouver, along with involvement in local churches. Leadership on UC consists of faculty, staff, alumni and senior students. It is a great bonding and learning opportunity for all students, and graduating students have often described it as being their most memorable and life-changing experience while at Columbia.

Urban Mission Dynamics

Urban Mission Dynamics

Our goal for UC is for students to grow in their worldview in their own backyard. We hope and pray that through this unique experience, students gain a greater perspective of what is happening in our world and begin both dialogue and action in connecting with people in the everyday. The first step to world change is a change in ourselves.

Exemption Request

The intention of UC is to create awareness of the contemporary urban situation in our world. It facilitates theological reflection, sociological insight and practical ministry awareness. The students who attend UC grapple with key issues confronting the church in its ministry in an urban setting. In some special cases, exemption from the Urban Connections weekend may be given. Please download and complete the Urban Connections Exemption Form. For more information please contact the UC Coordinator.