Service Practicum Placement Postings


If you are an organization who wishes to post a placement, please complete the Service Practicum Placement Posting Form.


STUDENTS:  Due to COVID-19, some organizations (marked with **) will not be accepting student volunteers in September 2020 as they would be unable to provide students the option to complete service at home should another quarantine occur.  Please do not contact these organizations at this time.  Organizations who have a contingency plan and/or can offer a complete virtual volunteering experience are marked with ##Unmarked organizations have not indicated whether they can host a student volunteer this year; please seek that information when contacting.  NOTE:  Due to the possibility of an upsurge of cases and a return to Phase 1 quarantine, all SP Placements MUST have a contingency plan for virtual or remote service.  


Human Services


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Children: Community

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Labour, Skill & Outdoor


Worship & Media

Youth: Church

Youth: Community

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