Church Resources

Columbia Bible College is an extension of the local and global church. We strive to be an asset to the local congregation and provide relevant resources for the church community. There are several ways in which Columbia can serve the church. For more information on any of these resources, please contact Service Learning.

Columbia at Church

Columbia offers a variety of ways for churches to participate in ongoing education. Please review the options below and then complete the inquiry form for Columbia at Church.

Columbia on the Road

Columbia on the Road is a modified/shortened version of a variety of courses taught by our highly qualified faculty and delivered in 3 or 4 sessions (about 3-5 hours of lecture).

Our faculty have invested years of learning and classroom teaching in their areas of expertise and now offer their best classes in a shortened and condensed format to local churches. Each course includes multiple sessions that are suited for a weekend of educational activities, a Sunday morning series, or can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Whether you are looking for a speaker for a retreat, focus group, or leadership team in your church or organization, Columbia's faculty can provide an enriched learning experience in your local community.

For more information about Columbia on the Road, or to request another faculty instructor, please contact Service Learning.

Faculty Speakers

Gareth Brandt

3 Session Course   $600
4 Session Course   $700


*Costs cover transportation to locations within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. For locations outside of the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley (Vancouver-Hope), we request that the hosting church or agency cover the cost of transportation and provide lodging and meals for the instructor. A travel subsidy may be available from Columbia Bible College.

Specialized Seminars

Specialized Seminars are shorter presentations taught by Columbia Faculty or Staff that can be tailored to suit specific needs in a church setting. Seminars are usually individual presentations but can involve longer-term training or coaching especially in the ares of training of church leaders or volunteers, leadership development, or skill development in Worship Arts, Sound and Lighting, or Youth Ministry.

Please note: Appropriate honorariums/remuneration is the responsibility of the church or host organization. Arrangement will be coordinated with the presenter, including travel and accommodations. For churches or ministries with limited resources, Columbia can provide a bursary to assist in costs.

Pulpit Supply

Pulpit Supply gives churches the opportunity to utilize Columbia Faculty when a local pastor is on vacation or on a sabbatical, or when churches need a particular Biblical topic covered. Please indicate any preferred Faculty member on the Columbia at Church inquiry form.

Ministry Teams

Churches can request Columbia students, who are involved in developing their skills and heart for worship through the arts, to minister at their local congregation. Ministry teams include:

Travelling Ministry Team (10-20 members)
The Travelling Ministry Team is specifically designed to serve the church with contemporary worship combined with renewed traditional forms. The group is led by Shar Warkentin who has provided worship leadership in a church in the BC Lower Mainland for over 15 years. Her skills include leading and training worship teams, dramatic productions and choir productions.

Although not a requirement, please consider supporting this ministry financially through an appropriate honorarium/remuneration. Similar to athletics, the ministry of Worship Arts in churches represents a real cost to the college. Each student invests extra time beyond study requirements for this to be possible; Columbia relies on churches to assist in covering the costs and generous support for this ministry is much appreciated (a special offering for the college is one way churches can support this ministry). For churches or ministries with limited resources, Columbia can provide a bursary to assist in costs.

Worship Band/Team (4-6 members)
Every year students come to Columbia with a desire to worship God through their musical talent. Worship teams are created to lead in chapels and in churches. During the first semester (fall) these teams gain experience and training from our worship department and then are available to serve the churches in the Lower Mainland during the second semester. This ministry can be especially helpful for churches whose worship teams need a respite or break. A Worship Arts Faculty Member will provide oversight and assistance to work with the pastor or church leader to make this a beneficial and worshipful experience.

Special Events
You may have a particular event that requires a special presentation - such as a Christmas Banquet or Women's Event. We have Worship Arts Faculty and students who may be the perfect fit.

Request Columbia at Your Church

Please select what type of ministry you are requesting

Students Serving Churches

We believe that every student needs to have an important link to the local church while they study at Columbia, which is why each student completes a Service Practicum, a service-based volunteer course. Churches can have students serving in Children's, Youth, Outreach, Missions or Worship Ministries. Students gain practical, hands-on experience as they serve and churches participate in shaping the ministry workers of tomorrow. 

Internships are completed by 3rd and 4th year students and are another great way to boost church ministry while assisting in the learning experience for degree students. Increasingly, churches are partnering with Columbia to assist graduates in gaining much needed experience in ministry.

For more information on how your church can get involved with Columbia students, please contact Service Learning.

Pastor Resources

Columbia strives to encourage pastors in their ministry. As such, pastors are eligible for a free membership to the Columbia Bible College Library. With over 50,000 books and periodicals, with another 75,000 online resources, the Columbia Library is one of the best Bible and theology libraries in the Fraser Valley. Please contact the Library to apply for a free membership as a pastor. A prox card for an annual fee of $25 will allow access to the college library during the Library's opening hours in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Additionally, pastors are encouraged to consider Columbia Bible College as the venue for their next conference, retreat, or reunion. Place see Campus Rentals & Conferences for more information.


Gym Access for MB/MC Pastors and Missionaries

Columbia Bible College is thankful for the generous support of the British Columbia Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches and Mennonite Church British Columbia in the investment of the work we are doing to equip people for a life of discipleship, ministry, and leadership in service to the church and community. In gratitude, we offer MB and MC pastors and missionaries a prox card for an annual fee of $25 which will allow access to the College library and gym facilities.

Camp Match Bursary

The Camp Match Bursary is an opportunity for Christian summer camps to contribute to student's educational costs. By choosing to participate in the Camp Match Bursary program, a church can double its contribution to an eligible student. Columbia will match the camp's contribution up to $500/year).


To receive a Camp Match Bursary, the student must:

  • Serve at a Christian summer camp the summer prior to their studies. 
  • Be a full-time accepted or continuing student (12 credits +) each semester.
  •  Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 each semester.
  •  Submit the online application and have their camp submit an agreement form.


  • Bursaries are given out to eligible students on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Columbia will match the camp's contribution up to $500/year.


Application Dates

May 1   Applications Open
November 15   Bursaries Close

Application Process 

  1. Student must submit the Student Application Form
  2. The student's camp must submit the Camp Agreement Form
    Please note: The Camp Agreement Form should be completed by a member of the camp staff.
  3. Once the application package is approved, the Director of Financial Aid will notify the student and contact the camp with payment details.
  4. The student's camp must send their contribution directly to the school.
    Please note: Money must come directly to the school to be applied to the student's account. Money sent directly to the student will not be considered for the Camp Match Bursary program.
  5. Once the church's contribution has arrived, Columbia will apply their match to the student's account.