Counselling Services

Counselling Services

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.  Our Counselling Services team is here to support you when you need a hand. We're available to all current students for all kinds of reasons.  Read through our FAQ and be sure to look at the events & workshops we offer throughout the year.

Counselling Services FAQ

What is counselling?

A counsellor listens to your specific situation and your needs. A counsellor guides you through a process towards understanding yourself better and exploring the things that hold you back from experiencing a healthy and fully engaged life.  You are a crucial part of this process as you are the expert on you!   Counselling is a place where you get to safely examine things that seem to be preventing you from living the way you would like to. Counselling looks very different for different people and counsellors can skillfully assess and guide this process for you. 

What kinds of things do you deal with in counselling?

Counselling can handle any issue really, and it does not matter how overwhelming the issue may feel at first, or how small or trivial you think it sounds. If you feel held back from the life you want to live in any way, then it is valuable to come to counselling. You may not even know how to define why you feel the way you do, but you know you need help, and that is OK. Or, you may have an identified tendency in behaviours, or a relationship that causes distress, or perhaps a way of coping with life’s stressors that you would really like to change. There is no prerequisite list of issues and our team will be alert for any helpful additional supports and discuss those with you when appropriate to best serve you. 

Will counselling resolve my issues?

Sometimes, issues are identified and much progress can happen in just a few sessions. The support of a counsellor can help prioritize and make changes in an area that can impact day to day satisfaction in our lives. For others, counselling may begin or continue a journey of healing that is part of a longer process.

How much does counselling cost?

The initial intake session is free. After that, students can receive counseling for a nominal fee of $15 per session. Please keep in mind that students who miss appointments, without notifying their counsellor at least 24 hours in advance, will be charged $24 for the missed session.

Is my information kept private?

Columbia respects the right to privacy, and keeps counselling appointments confidential. During the intake appointment, the Counselling Services Supervisor will discuss guidelines and limits of confidentiality. You can look over this Treatment Agreement ahead of time, here.

How do I arrange my first appointment?

To book a counselling session,complete the online intake form as your first step. We'll contact you as soon as possible (within a few days) to schedule your intake interview.

When is the Centre open?

Counselling Services is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We're closed Wednesdays. Someone is usually in the office from 9:30-4:00 pm on our open days, and and you are welcome to stop by and get general questions answered.

Do you offer drop-in counselling?

If you have an urgent need for counselling or are in crisis please see our Dealing with a Crisis info page. If you would like to ask a non-urgent question about counselling, or about referrals to other resources then email the counselling supervisor at

How often can I come for counselling?

Typically, you would come every week or every other week.

What if I just want a couple of sessions?

Sometimes you just need someone to help you sort through a decision that seems hard, or you don’t forsee weeks of counselling happening so you are resistant to contact us. No problem is too small if it is bothering you. Or perhaps you just want a referral to a community support –we can do that here too. We help you figure out what support you want and where to get it. Depending on what you want, sometimes the answer is counselling, and other times it is a local community group or church.

What if I want to find a local community group, program, or church resource?

Yes we can do that too. Just email us at and let us know you just want a one-time resource and referral meeting. Or sometimes we can even answer your questions with a phone call. So give us your number if you would like a call back.

Who will my counsellor be?

We have a great team of counsellors! You can take a look at our names and photos below. After your initial interview, you'll be assigned the counsellor we feel will be the best fit. If you are willing, your counsellor may be an intern studying for their MA in Counselling Psychology.

  Student Centre | Second Floor

  Mon/Tues/Thurs/Friday| 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

  604.853.3567 x326

  Email Counselling Services


Intake Booking Form



If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please click here for steps to take.


Meet the Counselling Team


Kristiina V

Kristiina Vuorensivu, MA, RCC

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I am very passionate about helping people move towards healthy emotional and spiritual lives, through the avenues God provides for me, leading ministry, professional counselling, supervising, teaching, parenting and family life

I have experienced first-hand how we are truly healed in relationships with Jesus and with others in community, through a miraculous journey of healing in my own marriage and my family. I believe this is an ongoing journey and that God uses many ways to give us wisdom about our hurts; counselling at our CBC counselling centre being one of those ways.

I have been blessed with opportunities that education and professional training bring. I hold a Masters in Counselling Psychology, am a Registered Clinical Counsellor operating a private practice in Surrey and I bring 15 years agency experience in counselling to my work here at CBC. I am a guest instructor in Counselling and Psychology at a local bible college in Surrey and I also love working closely with my husband, in various ministry initiatives at our home church where he pastors full time. I have three children who are each a precious priority to me.

I am very thankful to be here at Columbia, in guiding counsellors on their journey to professional accreditation, and integration of their very selves and their faith into their work. Mostly I am thankful to be part of a community which keeps Christ at the centre of all we do.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding but in all ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight. Prov 3:5-6

Vanessa H

Vanessa Hoder, DPC, Registered Therapist Candidate
Counselling Intern

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Hello my name is Vanessa and I am so excited to be here at CBC! Two years ago I packed up my car and drove from Ontario to BC to pursue the call God had put on my life to become a counsellor. I graduated from PLBC with the Diploma of Professional Counselling in April, 2018. God has put a special place in my heart for bible college students, that is why I am overjoyed to have this amazing opportunity to grow as a counsellor here at CBC. I am currently working on my credentialing as a registered therapist with ACCT.

I pray everyday I counsel that God would use me as a vessel to do His will and help others. Change is a process that takes time and I want to come alongside people as they enter that process. I always strive to be the most patient and caring version of myself. I love to help people become more aware of who they are and understand their own self and world around them.

I was born in Québec and only learned English when I moved to Ontario at the age of 14. I love languages and different cultures. Presently I work as the student director for a homestay company. I get to meet lots of teens from all over the world, and use my skills to support and mentor them. Meeting new people and building relationships is definitely what I love to do!


Doreen Yung, MCS Candidate
Counselling Intern

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My name is Doreen and I feel really blessed to be serving here at Columbia. I am in the Masters of Counselling Program at Providence Seminary in Otterburne, Manitoba.

I believe it is a tremendous honor and privilege to be present with someone in a counselling room. I am always amazed at the courage it takes for someone to come to counselling and it is truly sacred ground to be holding someone’s authenticity and vulnerability.

I feel called to do my masters in counselling because of my ten years of peer counselling individuals who experience post abortion grief and pain. I felt I needed to learn more so I can be of even greater help to those I get to walk alongside their healing journey. I am a mature student and I am married with two children. I also work at Post Abortion Community Services.

A bit about myself is that I love dogs and I am a volunteer at Save a Life Dog Rescue where I foster rescue dogs until they find their forever home. These dogs are specifically abandoned dogs from Taiwan and it is always a joy to see them find a family.

I am excited to be here at Columbia Bible College because it is an honor to get the privilege to impact students and their life





Kassidy G, DPC

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My name is Kassidy and I'm looking forward to meeting people where they are at and facilitating healing. God is the ultimate Counsellor and I am blessed to draw from His attributes because I am gifted with the opportunity to work with His precious children. My husband and I moved to Surrey two years ago to attend Pacific Life Bible College, where I received a Diploma of Professional Counselling. We were called to the Lower Mainland for schooling and have stayed to continue volunteering for the ministry of Young Life. Along with volunteering I also work as a mentor for a Homestay company.
While at Columbia Bible College I will not only gain invaluable experience while practically applying techniques I've learned but I will be collecting hours to attain my registration through ACCT.



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Coming Soon!


Columbia is a practicum site for counsellors-in-training.

We provide a fully operational counselling centre where students from various counselling programs can come to get valuable direct client hours for their practicum and internship requirements.

As an intern-counsellor you can provide one-to-one counselling, as each year we have a guaranteed intake of campus students seeking counselling.

Columbia provides daily Counselling Centre Operation and Clinical Supervision as we have an on-site qualified Christian counsellor who is an MA, RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor)

Ideal for those looking to complete hours towards their MA, qualified Certificate or Diploma programs and/or towards professional accreditation hours with various professional bodies, BCACC and others.





Learn more about Counselling Internships at Columbia

Counselling Groups & Events for Columbia Students


Skills & Support Group

Skills & Support Group

Stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? This is a counsellor-led group focused on building skills and support for those who experience anxiety. We promise that sharing out loud and homework are optional! (This group is open to both men and women.)

  Thursdays, 4:00 - 5:30
October 26 - December 7

  Counselling Centre

  Email or


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