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"Life in the dorm has been enlightening, inspiring, and encouraging."


Living on campus puts you in the centre of Columbia's community. You'll be able to roll out of bed and make it to class in five minutes. And everything you need — room, dining, classes, library, fitness centre — is all right here. Super practical!

But the best part of living on campus goes beyond all that: you'll have the opportunity to engage in the ultimate experience of community. Living on a floor with a group of girls or guys, sharing space with fellow students from all over BC, Canada, and even the world, you'll make incredible friends and have an amazing time (late night pizza runs!). You'll also learn how to encourage and be encouraged and grow into an all-around better human being.





Redekop Hall
Redekop Hall Redekop Hall



About Redekop


* A mix of Junior & Senior Housing floors

* Three-room pods

* Each pod is home to 3 - 6 students

* Each pod has their own bathroom

* Most pods have one double room and a study space

* A limited number of single rooms are available, most in Senior Housing

* Two lounges per floor

* Shared kitchenettes

* Key-cards required to access building and floors

* Laundry room in the basement

* Ladies Fitness Room in the basement


Typical Junior Housing Floor Plan  |  Senior Housing Floor Plan  
Senior Housing Floor Plan - Double

Redekop Room


Redekop Room




Columbia Hall
Columbia Hall Columbia Room


About Columbia Hall


* Three-storey building

* Men's Junior Housing

* Double Rooms

* Each room shares a bathroom with the guys next door

* Two desks per room

* Lounges on second & third floors

* Shared fridges on each floor

* Key-cards required to access building and floors

* Laundry room


Columbia Hall Typical Room Layout

Columbia Room


Columbia Room


Junior or Senior Housing?


Columbia Hall Dorm

Junior Housing


  • Students range in age from 17 - 22
  • Will usually share a room
  • Purchase a meal plan
  • Enjoy meals in Dining Hall


Best for you if:

  • If this is your first time on your own
  • You don't know anyone at Columbia
  • You will be in Year 1 at Columbia
  • You want to be connected and engaged
  • You don't want to worry about groceries/cooking
  • You want the 'classic' college experience

Senior Housing


  • Intended for students age 23+
  • Share a full kitchen with 2-3 other rooms
  • Cook most of their own meals
  • Purchase the Senior Housing Meal Plan
  • Live in Redekop Hall


Best for you if:

  • You have lived on your own before
  • You like to prepare your own meals
  • You want to focus on your studies
  • You are in Year 2/3/4 at Columbia
  • Have a busy life off-campus (internship, part-time job, church, etc.)


How to Apply for Senior Housing

It's important to know that a limited number of Senior Housing spots are available. If you feel you're a great fit for Seniour Housing, submit your student application as early as you can, indicating on the app form that you'd prefer a Sr. Housing placement. Once you're accepted to Columbia, make sure to get your room deposit in early, as this helps us determine priority.

A few more things to know: priority is given to returning Columbia students in Years 3 and 4. Next priority is given to mature, older first-year students.

 Senior Housing - Items You'll Need

  • Everything on the 'What to Bring List' in the 'Res Life Details' section below, plus:
  • A set of dishes & cutlery
  • Spices & basic pantry items (coffee, tea, sugar, condiments, cooking oil)
  • Dishsoap, scrubber, tea towel
  • Basic cooking utensils & pots
  • Keep in mind your suite-mates will be able to pitch in, so it's not a bad idea to wait until you arrive so you can pool your resources for things like a coffee-maker or blender (if you're into smoothies!) There are great thrift shops nearby, where you'll be able to pick up what you need.

Res Life Details


Meet Glenallen
Meet Sarah



Glenallen Christo and Niamh Reynolds are staff residence directors. They live on-campus and oversee junior & senior housing.

When you live in residence, you will be part of a unit. Units are led by student resident leaders (RLs), who will help you settle into life in res and stay connected with you all year. Your first unit meeting will be during O-Week.

Good to Know



  Things to Bring

  • Bedding for a twin/single bed
  • Towel(s)
  • Toiletries (including toilet paper*)
  • Cleaning Supplies*
  • 2-3 Washable cloth face masks*
  • Laundry hamper/bag (including a lauderable cloth bag large enough for one load of clothing)*
  • Laundry detergent and fabric softener
  • Hangers
  • Computer/Laptop/Tablet (computers in the library will not be available for use*)
  • Printer (optional - all assignments will be submitted online for the 2020-2021 academic year*)
  • Workout clothes (all students have access to the on-campus fitness facility)
  • Electric kettle (for late night tea/Kraft Dinner!)
  • Ethernet patch cable (6' for Men's Dorm, 25' for Women's Dorm / Senior Housing)*

*Indicates changes / new items due to COVID-19 requirements and regulations


 Move-In Day!


For students starting in Fall, move-in starts the Saturday of the Labour Day Weekend. To abide by Covid-19 safety measures, please check with our Resident Directors if you are not sure of your allotted move-in time slot.




Each residence building includes a laundry room equipped with card-activated washers and dryers. You'll be able to load money onto your student card to do your laundry (no quarters or loonies to worry about!) Rates are $1.50/wash and $1.50/dry. Don't forget your laundry detergent and fabric softener!


 How to Be a Great Roommate

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