The Columbia Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Resource Centre beside Reception. The Bookstore carries all current semester textbooks and a limited supply of past semester text books.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm (Contact Reception for exceptions)

Return Policy

Refunds or exchanges will be accepted until the second week of each semester (third day for summer semester) or one week after date of purchase if purchase was made prior to a semester. For a 100% refund or exchange, students must bring the textbook back (a) in the first week of the fall or winter semester, (b) within the first three days of the summer semester, or (c) one week from the date of purchase if the purchase was made prior to the beginning of a semester. A 90% refund is available for textbooks returned the second week of the fall or winter semester.

For an exchange or refund, customers must have the original till receipt (plus debit/credit card or yellow textbook charge receipt if applicable). All refunds will be applied to the student's account unless original purchase was made with a credit card (refunded to credit card).

Textbooks will NOT be accepted for a refund or exchange if:

  • plastic shrink wrap has been opened or removed (when applicable).
  • textbook has been damaged in any way.
  • any accompanying CD or student aid is missing from the text package.
  • returned after the second week of the fall or winter semesters, or after the third day of the summer semester.

Columbia Bible College reserves the right to refuse refunds if the return does not meet the standards listed in the store policy.


Columbia Bible College places a high priority on the public safety of the campus community. To that end the College is determined to ensure that adequate services are provided to assure that our campus remains as safe and secure as possible. Columbia is committed to maintaining an environment where faculty, staff, students and visitors can pursue their respective work, study and business peacefully and without fear for their safety and security. The College’s Department of Facilities & Grounds is responsible for public safety on campus. This policy will specifically outline the mandate and objectives of the Security Services of this department. Columbia’s Security Policy supports the academic mission of the College by creating a safe, secure and equitable environment for all members of the community.



24 HOUR CAMPUS SECURITY 604-853-7010

The Facilities & Grounds Department works in a receptive and genuine partnership with the College community in providing:

  • a service delivery model that places emphasis on customer service;
  • a visible security presence on campus;
  • security for all College buildings and property;
  • security for special events in special circumstances;
  • a reliable 24 hour response to both routine and emergency calls for security and/or police service and violations of College safety;
  • law enforcement when required in respect to violations of the Criminal Code and relevant provincial statutes;
  • the promotion of security, crime prevention, and safety awareness.

Student Job Board

Students looking to work while studying at Columbia have access to various employment opportunities.

On-Campus Employment

Click on the jobs below to view the job descriptions.

Student Ambassador
Dining Services (kitchen help, dishwashers, catering)
Athletic Minors Official/Gym Supervisor
Reception Relief
Custodial Help
Library Assistant


Off-Campus Employment

Columbia provides a job board for employers to post job opportunities for Columbia students. Please note that this is a free service and Columbia Bible College is not responsible for the job postings listed.


Off-Campus Housing


Live Off Campus

Do you qualify to live off-campus? If you're married, a continuing student, or age 20 and over, you're welcome to live off campus if you prefer. Columbia is surrounded by great housing options. To make your search easier, we've created a housing board.


Off-Campus Housing Board

Columbia provides a housing board for the community to post available housing opportunities for Columbia students. Please note that this is a free service and Columbia Bible College is not responsible for the postings listed.