A Special Event for Ministry Leaders & Parents

"How can we help young adults stay connected to church and faith?"


You are warmly invited to a special equipping event for pastors, ministry leaders, and all those committed to the spiritual formation of young adults.  Join us for a compelling presentation by Rick Hiemstra, lead researcher for the recently-published Renegotiating Faith study. Rick will share key findings from his research into the faith of Canadian Christians aged 18 - 28. Following Rick's talk, four panelists with extensive young adult ministry experience will reflect on the perspective shifts and application points they see emerging from Renegotiating Faith.   You'll come away from this two-hour session with helpful new insights about young adults and ideas for how to keep the young adults you care about engaged with faith and church.





Renegotiating Faith is a collaborative research project that grew out of a partnership between the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Power to Change — Students, Intervarsity, Youth for Christ, and Truth Matters Ministries. Each of these ministries cares deeply about the spiritual formation and faith commitments of young adult Christians across Canada. And each wanted to learn more about the issues these young Christians are facing. Are there ways we can help young adults stay connected to church and faith as they transition to life beyond high school?

The Renegotiating Faith report provides a wealth of data, insights, and recommendations for those working with young adults. It lays out key discoveries about the new ways young adults are renegotiating the faith of their childhood as they come of age in a world where full adult indendepence is increasingly delayed, highlights critical fears today's young adults face, and provides data points that point ministry leaders in helpful directions.

Renegotiating Faith


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Event Details



January 31, 2019




7:00pm - 9:00 pm




Columbia Bible College Chapel
2940 Clearbrook Road




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Evening Program



       6:45 PM → Coffee & dessert


       7:00 PM → Welcome 


       7:05 PM → Presentation of Renegotiating Faith Findings -Rick Hiemstra


       7:50 PM → Panel Response, moderated by Dr. Gil Dueck, Columbia's Academic Dean


       8:35 PM → Audience Q & A


       9:00 PM → Wrap-up




Contact Stephanie Jantzen
604.853.3567 ext 325



Keynote Presenter


Rick Hiemstra of

Rick Hiemstra is Director of Research and Media Relations at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC). Prior to assuming these roles he served as the Director of the Centre for Research on Canadian Evangelicalism (CRCE).

Prior to coming to the EFC, he served as the pastor of a Wesleyan church in Cornwall, Ont., taught high school mathematics and computer science and held various positions in industry. He holds a Bachelor of Mathematics, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Theological Studies. He lives in Ottawa, Ont., with his wife, Beth, and their children, John, Anna, James and Peter.




Andy Steiger

Andy Steiger

Apologetics Canada

Andy Steiger is the founder and director of Apologetics Canada, an organization dedicated to helping churches across Canada better understand and engage today’s culture. He is also the young adults pastor at Northview Community Church. These two roles create a unique partnership that helps Andy to stay relevant and connected to the young adult community. Andy created and hosted the Thinking Series and is the author of Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions. Andy’s most recent work is with The Human Project, a video series created in partnership with Power to Change. He speaks internationally at universities, conferences, churches, prisons and coffee shops. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Andy lives in Abbotsford, BC, Canada with his wife, Nancy, and their two boys.



Terry Crosby

Terry Crosby

Teaching Associate
Apologetics Canada

Terry was born in the Northwest Territories to a First Nations Cree mother from Quebec and a Scottish/English father from Nova Scotia. As a pastor’s kid, he never had serious doubts about his faith, but his youth was characterized by the frequent highs and lows of a faith grounded in emotion and experience. He wants to help others understand the truth and relevance of Christianity, to address their doubts and help them find answers that solidify their confidence in their faith. Terry has completed an M.A. in Contemporary Apologetics at ACTS Seminaries. He lives in Abbotsford, BC with his wife, Jen, and the youngest of their three children.



Kathleen Doll

Kathleen Doll

Associate Dean of Students
Columbia Bible College

Kathleen Doll is the Associate Dean of Students and Co-Director of the Applied Leadership Program at Columbia Bible College, where her heart is to see young adults fall in love with Jesus, and lead others into relationship with Him. Kathleen also volunteers with Vida Missions in Costa Rica, where she teaches in the Vida220 discipleship program, journeying with young adults (mostly from Latin America) in their biblical understanding of leadership. With a BA in Counselling and a MA in Leadership, Kathleen is thankful for the way in which her education has informed her approach to work with young adults in both North and Central America.



Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker

Director, Quest Program
Columbia Bible College

Jeremy Walker is a faculty member at Columbia Bible College who has 20 years of experience working with youth and young adults in a variety of contexts. He has a BA in Outdoor Leadership and MA in Leadership Studies that he applies to his current role as the Quest Program Director. In this role he comes alongside first year students and helps them engage a discipleship experience full of identity formation and adventure. He further engages young adults at Columbia as an instructor in the Applied Leadership Program.




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